it's only tuesday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I feel like it should be Thursday with how busy I have been. But I guess it's a good thing it's only Tuesday because that means that I'm not slacking too awfully bad by recapping my weekend just now. :)

Friday night after work everyone came over to our house and we hung out on the back deck drinking and talking. It was low-key night and exactly what I needed after a long week. My aunt, who was visiting our family from the Twin Cities over the weekend, was staying with us and brought her dog with her. So she chilled with us all night while her dog, Skye, had a blast playing with G.

Saturday morning the hubs and I woke up and started cleaning up from the night before. Then we had lots of errands to run and some cleaning to do. We got everything finished and then started getting ready- because we had a wedding to go do, an old family friend. The wedding ended up being a blast and we had so much fun. Here we are at the wedding:

And my amazing FIL and soon-to-be MIL:

We headed home later that night to meet up with our friends. We inteded on heading out for a few drinks, but knowing our crew I should have known better. We ended up staying until bar close:

And ran into Bri Bri there:

Luckily the bar was only a few blocks from our house, so here we are walking home:

There are many more pics since Brian and Aaron decided it was a fashion runway on the way home, but I will spare you. =) We headed home, ordered pizza and passed out. The makings of a great night.

Which of course brings me to Sunday:

Can you believe it's football season already? Wow. Sunday was great. Lounging around all day, watching the game, making three different munchies with the crockpots, ahhhh.... I love it. I now also officially a fantasy wife. Fantasy football that is. Yep, my husband has finally joined the ranks of the other over-obsessive football fans and joined not one, but two, fantasy football leagues. It was actually pretty cool helping him draft his players and keep track of points. I could totally be in a league myself. But I have no desire to do so. Other than to kick my husband's ass. ;)

The boys decked out in their jerseys:

This picture cracks me up. That's Guinness on the couch all by himself, watching the game:

What I have to tell you, is that by this time Guinness has had not enough sleep, to say the least. Whenever we have people over he thinks that he has to stay awake. So he was up late on Friday night, and REALLY late on Saturday night. By Sunday, he just couldn't take it:

I also hung up my new frame in my "cluster" sometime over the weekend. Here are the results. Much better.

Which brings me to Monday. All day yesterday at work I had a sore throat and sneezes. I tried to convince myself that it was nothing, merely sleeping with the windows open at night. But I was fooling myself. But mid-afternoon I was hurting. I couldn't wait to get home to my chloraseptic spray. Yikes. I made dinner, put on my pjs, hopped into bed, and began my marathon of Monday night shows. =)

But what sucks is that I had a huge daunting task sitting right next to me. Yep. My bedroom closet:

This isn't a joke. That's acutally my bedroom closet as of last night. I have been putting it off because there is always something more important to do, but since I stayed home sick from volleyball last night, I thought that I should get something productive done. I piled it all onto the bed, lit some candles, turned on the tele, and began sorting & folding. G was a little upset that this meant he had to sit on the floor until I was finished, but he got over it. I worked on it the entire night... through Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill {on commercials only of course}, and The Hills. I did finish, thankfully. And it feels good. Now I just have to finish laundry and find somewhere to store all of our freakin clothes. We need another dresser. Bad.

So, speaking of Monday night tv. What did you think of OTH? OMG. My recap will be coming shortly!!! I think I'm still in shock....

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Kate said...

I just finished watching OTH, that show scares me sometimes (I'm not a fan of scary movies and sometimes I get reminded of them when watching OTH). Can't wait to read your re-cap and what you thought!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that closet!! I think we need after pics...

leah @maritalbless said...

I'm so jealous of you weekend, not what I experienced. :( Nice work on applying yourself to your closet!

Chelsea said...

I will for sure get the after pics up for you Kristal! Kate, you are too funny. It doesn't really scare me like OMG, I'm terrified, but it does scare me sometimes for the characters. I am worried about Brooke and Jamie and Nathan and Skills and everyone right now.

mrs.leah.maria... why was your weekend so bad? I'm sorry sweetie! Make sure the next one is good one!! It's coming around before you know it.

abby said...

From one fantasy football wife to another - welcome :) My husband is also in two leagues so you can bet Stat Tracker is up on the laptop all day Sunday and Monday!