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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First of all... this was one of my favorite scenes.

Lucas: When I was a kid I used to love to jump on my bed. I’d pretend I could fly. I’d pretend Icould dunk. I was happy. My mom would pass the room and shout, Lucas Scott, if you break that box spring, you’ll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of your life.
Peyton: Well, here’s the good news if you have to sleep on the floor, I’ll sleep with you.
Lucas: For the rest of your life?
Peyton: Definitely.

I loved everything when Skills showed up at the Scott house in the morning. All of it was great. But this scene was the best.

Deb: Jamie I was not kissing Uncle Skills. I mean first of all, he’s your parents age and one of
Uncle Lucas’ best friends. It just wouldn’t be right.
Jamie: I think it’d be cool.
Deb: Yeah?
Jamie: Yeah…Grandpa Skills

I loved Deb this episode. I felt like it was the old Deb, and I love her. I was so glad that Brooke called her. It was very unexpected, yet very perfect. I just hate to see Brooke in such a dark place- I have a feeling she might be there for a while.

This was another favorite scene. It was just too cute! "Hey 23, call me!"
Look at that face:

I had to post this one because I couldn't resist:

And this was adorable. By this point I could definitely tell that something was going to happen. They were leading up to it, but it certainly didn't make it any less heart-wrenching.

Seriously, how cute is this kid:

I loved watching them make the cape for Q:

Sidenote: I LOVE this dress!! I want it. :)

This part was very unexpected. I thought it was hilarious that she blamed Deb though. "I was having sex." HaHa. Hilarious. But I'm glad it wasn't big thing. They did the right thing and went to the doctor together.

Which leads me to this scene. Definitely another favorite. Wow, I have a lot of favorite scenes this episode! It was jsut so sweet and raw. I loved what Nathan said.
I'm getting over the whole hostage situation. I liked seeing Nanny Carrie freak out about the beeper, but the whole thing is just too much. I did love "your plan sucks" though. That was pretty good. It looks like he gets away next week. It's about time.

This was really sweet. I was glad to see Peyton there for Brooke, I just wish that Brooke would open up to her. It really reminded me of the scene last season after Lucas propsed to Lindsey, and Brooke sat there with Peyton all night. I really hope that Peyton figures it out.... maybe she will see the store?

Again, this was really sweet too. Jamie helping Lucas pack up Peyton's room. YAY. I am so excited for them to move in together and plan their wedding. I just wish that the timing wasn't so shitty with everything with Brooke. If Peyton knew what really happened, she wouldn't leave.

And I have a feeling that this was something big. Skills said he wanted to talk to Q about something, but it would wait until tomorrow.....

I hate this scene. It is so terrible. You could tell right when they showed him walking inside that something was wrong. Poor Q. The look on his face is just terrified. I really can't believe it. The scary thing is that could happen to anyone.

And leads us right to this.....

This episode was very well done and had some amazing moments. I just can't believe that Q is gone. I feel like he was just finally starting to get ahead. And hearing about his plans to get married and have kids... geez! It's just so depressing. Q will be missed.

Next week looks so sad. Having to tell Jamie and everything.... just all of it is so sad.

{screenshots via treehillfan.}
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Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I look fwd to your recaps every Tuesday - I just love them. I find myself shaking my head yes at everything you say. This episode was so good. I'm so saddened by Q - the show really is not going to be the same without him.

T i f f a n y said...

I LOOOOVE One Tree Hill! These screencaps are great :) My favorite part of the show is whenever Jamie does a little rap with Quintin - so cute!!