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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did you catch the new 90210 last night? I did, and I have to say that I was a bit skeptical at first, but knowing that Jennie Garth and Shannon Dougherty were in the new cast, I knew that I had to check it out.

I was a die-hard West Beverly fan back in the day, and I guess I was worried that this show would ruin it. Granted, it's definitely not the same as it was back then, but really how could it be? I was pleasantly surprised. The cast seems much younger than the original, but I think it's just because I was so much younger when the original cast was on, haha! They actually did a really nice job tying it to the original cast! Hannah Zuckerman-Vasqez was the school's news reporter! Erin "Silver" Taylor is cast as Kelly's younger sibling and a rebel child to say the least. The Peach Pit is even still the hip hangout!! Although the "new" Peach Pit looks pretty cool, I still wish they would have kept the old one. It was great seeing Nat again too! And I love, love, love Lori Loughlin {Rebecca, anyone?}

Shenae Grimes plays the innocent Annie Wilson. I really like her:

And you might recognize her. AnnaLynne McCord, known for her role on Nip/Tuck, plays Naomi:

And of course, the lovely Jennie Garth:

There's plenty of cute boys too:

I will for sure be tuning in this year. If you haven't yet caught the premiere, be sure to do so before next week's new episode airs! Let me know what you think!

Oh and the cast is HOT. =)

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Joi said...

I liked it ok. I was hyping it so much in my mind that in the end it just seemed too cheesy.

I'm gonna give it a second chance, though!