Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last week for vacation all of us girls brought several books for beach reading. One of the ones that Kathy had brought with was "sTORI TELLING" by Tori Spelling. I have never really been a fan of Tori Spelling- I guess I never even really thought of her outside of the 90210 realm, but I had seen snippits of her show Tori & Dean: Inn Love and enjoyed it. So I started out just reading the first chapter to get a feel for it and I really liked what I read. I ended up finishing the whole book!

It was many things... interesting, heartbreaking, romantic, sad, happy, and real. You could just tell that she was writing from her heart and she had a very eventful life to talk about. I highly recommend checking it out. And how adorable is her little family?

I know that they now have another baby, Stella, but I couldn't find any recent pictures. I would love to check out their latest reality series that just aired last year now. Maybe I will Netflix it. :)

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Mrs.HVK said...

I loved her book too, you could tell she really let it all out!