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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Since we were on vaca last week, I didn't have a chance to watch last week's One Tree Hill until late Saturday night! UGH. I was devestated, but it was worth the wait. I think that I was bawling {not just crying, full-on blubbering} throughout the entire episode. Better late than never...

The scene that hit me the most, was one of the first ones:

This part just killed me. Poor Jamie:
I loved seeing everyone there for Brooke. And in the end Brooke being there for them right back:

The conversation between Brooke and Nathan was unreal. It was so raw and so true. Gosh, I love Nathan.

Everything that Haley did in her class was amazing. Everything.

I loved seeing how Lucas and Skills handled the team together:

I love the new relationship between Jamie and Q's little brother:

I knew that Carrie was going to have a lost son of her own. I just knew it.

So many cute, little moments between Nathan & Haley... really shows how great their relationship is:

I don't like Samantha. But I like how Haley is trying to help her. I think that Haley feels like she needs someone else to help now that Q is gone.
But what she wrote about Quentin was amazing.

And this part. Oh my gosh....

I wasn't expecting this:

I was happy to see Deb be there for Skills. But I was very mad at her for doing that to her son.

By here, I had lost it alltogether.

Overall, I loved a lot of things about this episode for how much I was crying. I don't love the situation, I just love how they are all handling it together. Being there for each other.

This episode was very well done and I will always remember it.

Oh and, I loved Peyton's dress. I want to order it so bad. It's from Express!!

{all images via treehillfan.}

*Bridge Over Troubled Water coming soon...

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