Thursday, September 4, 2008

I thought that I was behind before. I was crazy. These past few days have been insane... I just can't seem to catch my breath. At home, at work, in my car! Things are just piling up. I've begun to realize that it just won't be easy and it just isn't necessary to catch up right away. But I'm so behind on stuff that it's driving me crazy. My tivo is full; my e-mails keep coming back with a 'mailbox over it's limit' message; and I have a stack of bills sitting on my kitchen table that I have to get through. UGH. But what makes everything worse is that things at work are as busy as ever. So I really just have no time to do anything. I am so behind from missing days last week, on top of my work that was already overwhelming. I know that I will get there eventually. But after these past few days of working nonstop {I'm litterally hibernating in my cube trying to get it all done} and still not getting ahead, it's getting a bit frustrating. To make matters even worse I have been having a ton of technical difficulties this week {read: shitty computer}. So, that's that. BUT I should be grateful that I have the world's best husband....

Last night I walked in the front door after having a terrible day at work, I heard something in the kitchen. I walked in and there was Brian {he wasn't suppose to be home, so I was shocked} and he had gotten me flowers! :) What a lover. He said it was just because I was having a rough week and he loves me. *tear* How sweet is he?? It was such a nice treat at the end of a looong day.

My gorgeous sunflowers:

And a note:

Oh and, he's also spent the entire day today at home cleaning, doing laundry and the dishes. =)

I have a ton of things piling up in my brain just waiting to be blogged about as well. Soon my dears, I promise. :) Stay tuned.

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kari said...

Those sunflowers are gorgeous. Can't wait to read about all your great blogging ideas! :)