the hubs.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love the idea Bryn! I'm in. This post is all about my better half! Since this blog is mainly about my favorite things, here are a few of his favorite things....

My husband is an NFL freak and he has been a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan ever since he was kid. He even has a "man room" upstairs that we painted purple & gold. And in case you were ever wondering Guinness' middle name is Viking on his AKC form. =)

He is also of course a huge Iowa Hawkeyes fan. And me too =)

He checks both and at least twice a day:

He loves beef stew:

He is obsessed with Call of Duty 4 on the PS3. He actually meets his friends on the PS3 network all hours of the night to play each other. Yes, I'm serious:

We are both equally addicted to Seinfeld and The Office:

Beer. Enough said:

He loves history. Especially visitng places famous in history:

He loves to fish:

Family. He is a huge family man:

He loves all sorts of animals:

Grilling out:

English Bulldogs. Especially ours =)


He would kill me for admitting this, but he loves reading my US Weekly's! We have that in common Bryn!

He loves action and mob movies. Especially The Departed, Casino, The Godfather... I could go on & on:

Death Cab For Cutie:

And of course, this crazy girl!

Now maybe you can see why we get along so well. =) Love you bubs!


Katie said...

Cuteness - the post that is...not making a pass...ok let's start over...NICE POST!

i love the pic of historical that Talum?