Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Abby has tagged me! I'm suppose to tell you 8 random things about myself and tag eight people to do the same....

01. I get overly-obsessed with tv shows. Not all of them, just partiular ones. I usually have one show at least that I wish I was a part of in real life. Brian always gives me a hard time telling me that they are not real because I compare everything in my life to them. For example, I want to work at Dunder Mifflin and be best friends with Haley James Scott. :)

02. I am not a saver {I wish that I was.} Money burns a hole in my pocket! I am always wanting to shop. I have started to accept that this is who I am and these tendencies will never change for me. As much as I know how important it is to save money, I just never want to. Luckily I have learned how to control these tendencies and I hardly ever shop anymore!! I'm just saying that it doesn't come easily to me. I really have to think about our long-term goals in order to convince myself to save! It also helps that I don't go shopping anymore. Period. Unless I have an event or a major, real reason that I need something, I just stay away from them. Luckily, our schedules have been so busy that I haven't had time to go shopping, even if I wanted to. Long story short, I have to force myself to save our money. But I love the feeling of looking into our savings and seeing what we have. I think that feeling is what will keep me in line from here on out!

03. I love to read. I hardly ever get the chance in my daily routine to sit down and read a book. But everytime I travel on vacation- it always comes back. I read two books this past week on vacation.. I just love to read!! I really want to start incorporating more time into my daily routine to set aside for reading. Sadly, there always seems to be more important things to do....

04. I love little changes. Seriously, I get so excited to come to work when I just re-arranged my desk the day before. And like right now, the week before I left for vacation I got a new keyboard and mouse for my work computer. And it excites me now everytime I go to type because I love the new sound/feel of the keyboard. Weird, right? I just love little new things like that to change up my routine a bit. :) But don't go moving my cubicle just yet or anything... then I might have a heart attack.

05. I'm beyond excited for new fall tv! My life has been so hectic all summer long and I'm really looking forward to just slowing everything down and staying in with my boys for some good tv! This fall I'm most looking forward to The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters and I'm already addicted to One Tree Hill {duh}, Gossip Girl, 90210 & Greek!

06. I am a huge wino!!! {ditto Abby.} I love wine and could drink wine everyday. My favorite is Charles Shaw from Trader Joes for two reasons-- it is the cheapest and best wine that I can find! I have also been known to convert many of my friends into winos as well {per the accusations of their significant others.} Whoops!

07. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with Brian and I because of how great our marriage is. There is really no way to explain this without sounding completely self-absorbed, but it's true and I'm spilling. Our relationship just works and I feel like we have a mutual understanding that I can't even explain. Sometimes hearing other people's relationship problems or even seeing them somewhere else just makes me realize how lucky I am that I don't have to deal with it! Now, I'm not saying that we get along 100% of the time, because that would be crazy. But we just work together so well that I can't imagine being in a relationship that you really have to work at. I'm not sure if this even makes sense, but buttom line- I am just extremely grateful for my marriage and my amazing relationship with my husband. I hope that it never changes...

08. I'm getting really into vintage/thrift shopping lately. I find myself browsing various vintage etsy shops and even hitting up thrift stores! I haven't had too much luck yet, but I have seen so much inspiration that I know I'm not giving up anytime soon. I'm hoping that I can master this art of shopping so that staying away from retail stores isn't so difficult. :)

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Katie said...

I want to work at Dunder Mifflin too. Oh to be a Michael Scott subordinant.

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Thanks for tagging me! This is so much fun!

And I'm with you on the saving thing--I have the same problem. But I'm getting much better! And you're right--not stepping foot in the store seems to be my best plan of action, too. Otherwise it's all over but the crying. ;)