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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I thought it was very cool how everyone thought they were seeing Quentin everywhere..

Very sad, but very well done.

I was very sad to see Nathan at first. He was hurting by his mom and Skills' secret. I don't blame him for kicking her out.

I knew that something was coming in Peyton's life from all of the foreshadowing they did with Mia running into someone on tour. As long as it doesn't mess anything up with Lucas & Peyton- it could be interesting.

I am so glad that Brooke is talking to someone honestly about everything going on with her mother:

The scene with Deb and Nanny Carrie at the park freaked me out!! I never even thought that Deb had never seen her. Ahhhh....

This scene was hilarious:

I'm really glad that Haley is on to the fact that Dan isn't around. Haley to the rescue!!

And I just love seeing her be a mom. :)

As bad as I felt for Skills here, Deb did the right thing breaking it off. Her family is more important.

Yet another adorable seen from Naley. Sigh...

Still not liking Samantha...

Not one bit.

The part with the soup was too funny:

And it was good for Nathan to realize how good Deb is with Jamie.

I loved the Ravens first game back. Lucas' speech, Quentin's retired jersey, playing four.... it was all incredible.

And when the team walked out of the locker room at the end... so amazing. OTH had me crying again this week.

Nanny Carrie scared the crap out of me! How did she get in the house?? Why is she touching Chester?? WHY WHY WHY??? UGH!!!!

I loved, loved, loved Brooke showing up at her mother's house in the end. Everything she said and did was perfect. I do not want to see Brooke give up her company to her mother, but everything she said and how she put it made me speechless- just like her mom was. She realizes that family is more important than her company and Veronica has nothing.

And Nathan. Oh Nathan. See why I love him so much?? His reaction at first was totally normal, but in the end he still managed to make it right.

I loved how this episode was about family. Deb ending her relationship for her family, Brooke leaving her mother for her real family, Nathan realizing that Skills is his family too. All about family. I loved that.

And of course these cuties:

And I loved the way they ended it with Nathan and Skills. Pretty close to perfect....

Gosh, this show is amazing!!! And I'm going to be honest, next week's previews had me screaming!!! I'm so worried!!!!!

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Kate said...

I am so scared to watch next week's show!! I hope everything turns out okay!