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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First off, I loved, loved, loved the opening sequence! I knew right off the bat that he was dreaming, which is maybe why I liked it so much! It was so cool to get a glimpse into his lives with each girl.

Gus: How’d you know which one to pick?
Lucas: I guess I always knew.

Now, I don't want to brag by any means, but I seriously knew in my heart that he was going to pick Peyton. :) I have been a die-hard OTH fan since the beginning, and if you have seen all of the seasons, you just knew that's where Mark was headed with this. Granted it took him a long time to get us there, but it was so worth it. Last night was amazing. I was honestly on cloud 9 for hours after it aired! I don't think I fell asleep until after midnight because I was so happy!

And oh my gosh- just look at that face! How happy is he?

This entire scene was amazing and everything I could have hoped for. Peyton + Lucas = TLA. :)

Wow, we have waited so long for this!! I hope you are happy. I am THRILLED!!!!!! And I'm so glad that they are getting married right away. They have just been through hell and deserve to just do it!!

On with the rest... Skills and Deb.. honestly, I think it's hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing!!

The best though was the conversation with Nathan and Skills in the gym.

Skills: She seems happy though, right? Like, satisfied?
Nathan: Dude, did you just ask if my Mom was satisfied?

At first I thought that Nathan is going to be livid with Skills when he finds out, but know I don't really think he will care. In fact, I think he will be relived. We will see...

How cute was this??? Ahhhhh.... I love them.

Peyton: I think your ass is going to look great in that mirror. Let’s find out.

Peyton: Responsible-I’ve-not-been-attacked-by-Psycho-Derek text message sent.
Lucas: Responsible-I-know-I’ve-been-dark-lately-but-everything’s-ok message sent.

Veronica=Bitch. Enough said. {and definitely not worthy of a picture.}

I love that we're finally getting into a normal routine with Naley and Jamie. I just loving seeing their family work so normally and everyone is happy. We hardly ever get that. :)

Hopefully it will stay that way, because I love it. But everything with crazy nanny Carrie tells me I'm dreaming. I swear, if anything happens to Jamie.... I can't handle it.

Mouth and Milli are adorable. Sad to see them go... I'm wondering how that storyline will pan out.

Brooke looked amazing.

The dance scene was my favorite. Although I can't pick which one..
{By the way that is my new favorite song!}

First of all, goregous Peyton. Secondly, hilarious when they walked in here:

I was bawling when they walked into their old hotel room. How perfect was that??

Now, onto the scary stuff. The ending with Brooke... I was terrified. I honestly couldn't believe what just happened, I had to rewind and watch it again. At least we know that she is okay from next week's preview....

And of course, Dan and crazy nanny Carrie. I wasn't completely shocked by this because I had heard that nanny Carrie would be back, but I was shocked to find out that she actually hit him with the car. I honestly wasn't completely interested in this storyline last night, but I think I was just so happy about Leyton and Naley that I didn't care about anything else. HaHa. BUT I don't think that Dan will let her get near Jamie. I know that he can't move or talk, but I just think that he will find a way. And I have to say that I will think much more of him if he does. How scary is she?? Ack.

So, I think that about gets us up to speed. I am seriously going to watch it again tonight. I just get SO excited when it is finally back on that I am trying to hard to concentrate on what is going on! HaHa. I just adore this show and I'm so glad that I share this passion with so many of you out there too. Nothing will ever top OTH to me. :)

Oh, and here is next week's preview... I LOVE the shots of Peyton and Lucas jumping on the bed... and I'm dying to know who the hell has a gun!! I can't wait!!!!

{screenshots via treehillfan}

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Anonymous said...

Love your recaps! And I swear those dance scenes had me laughing all night! Can't wait to watch next week!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

OMG, what a great episode! I loved every second of it. I too was on cloud 9 after watching it! I just love this show. It just keeps getting better and better!