Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WOW. I am so touched to see how many people relate to my blog and enjoy reading it. :) Thanks for cheering up my day! I really enjoy writing it. Not only it is a great writing outlet for me, but I am glad to have all of these memories documented for Brian and I to look back on. I will probably wait a while to set it up privately, just to make sure that everyone gets a chance to notice the change. It will be very different for me, but I think that at this time it is necessary. I don't want to have to censor what I blog about, and this is really the only way that I won't have to do that.

On with the show... my life has been crazy lately. Last week is a blur. I couldn't explain it if I tried. But I do want to share some of the lovely gifts that some friends and family have sent our way:

These are the gorgeous, and very thoughtful, flowers from Aaron & Kathy that I told you about:

And more gorgeous flowers from Mike & Missy :)

And even more gorgeous flowers that my work sent to the funeral home:

Complete with a Cubbies, talking keychain and all:

And one of the nicest gifts ever, was from a woman who worked at the Rehabilitation Center that my grandma was at for the past month. She was always around helping my grandma and talking to our family and I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. She created little cards, each with a different quote or saying, and wrote my grandma's name and the date at the bottom. She made one for each family member! I was so touched by it that Brian and I ran out to Target over the weekend and framed it right away:

It says "my love for you is a journey; starting at forever & ending at never." We also hung a couple other photos around it to create a "cluster" if you will in the living room. I like it, but the white frame has to go, it just doesn't work. It's on my list to sometime within the next week {read:month} get a new frame for that spot:

And I should also mention the plethora of cards we have received. We have some amazing people that care about us. Here are a couple:

On Saturday our lives were semi-normal again. We mainly bummed around the house all day together, taking some breaks to run around town and catch up on some errands that we desperately needed to do. But other than that, we enjoyed relaxing with each other most of the day and catching up on some movies. Saturday night we decided would be the perfect time to use our "night on the town" gift. And it was. We really just needed some time to ease back into reality and this was a great way to do it. We went out for drinks and dinner at a nice, local restaurant and had a blast. It has been a long time since just Brian and I went out to eat alone. It was very nice. Then we decided to walk over to the nearby casino. I had never gambled before, and Brian only had once; we thought it would be fun for us. So we went in with $20 and walked out with $40. I was very happy about that! I'm not much of a gambler. I would much rather take my $20 and go buy a movie or a shirt. The thought of wasting it away into slot machines actually makes my stomach churn. But we were lucky to win some and walk out ahead. Great experience for my first time gambling!

Sunday consisted of bumming around the house again. :) We just weren't quite ready to jump back into reality yet. We did however spend the day cleaning the house and getting everything organized which was much needed. Our house looked like a war zone from just quickly stopping in and out all last week. Not a pretty site. G watched:

Sunday night the gang came over for much overdue hang out night. :) We grilled out and sat around and talked and drank and played games. Just what the doctor ordered. We are so blessed with amazing friends. The night rolled by fast and the next morning we woke up to this:

And believe me, that's not even all of it {I'm not showing you the pile of Miller Lite cans sitting right next to that sink. haha.} For such a low-key night we sure didn't waste any time getting back into the swing of things.

Monday of course was a great day {which you should know if you know me at all.} Not only was it a wonder Labor Day holiday, which we desperately needed, complete with a 90210 marathon on SoapNet, but it was finally the day of the One Tree Hill season 6 premiere!!!!!! This is huge people!! This in itself made my Labor Day complete. :) Stay tuned for my recap/thoughts!

And so, here we are. Today is Tuesday. I have been frantically working today just trying to catch up on everything. But I've come to realize that it just won't happen in one day. I was greeted today with another lovely gift. My co-worker Sharon gave me this today with a card as well. Isn't it so sweet:
It reads "when a loved one becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure in our hearts forever." I love it and it was a very thoughtful gift. I might just keep this one at work on my desk since I have the other one framed at home. :)

So, I hope you all had a very relaxing weekend. Hopefully getting back into the grind of things is easier for you today than it is for me! But hey, at least it's already Tuesday!

Stay tuned for lots of OTH!!! :)

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kari said...

You are blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and support group. That woman from the rehabilitation center is very sweet, I loved that you framed it. It looks great.

leah @maritalbless said...

What absolutely touching sentiments. Echoing Kari, you are so lucky to be surrounded by such great friends.