Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I’m taking a queue from Kristen Jo and this post over at Simple Lovely and here is my list of things I want to accomplish this October:

01. Buy wedding presents for several upcoming weddings.
02. Sort through and organize clothes- Goodwill vs ebay shop.
03. Go to the pumpkin patch outside of town.
04. And take lots of pictures.
05. Get a copy of Jem’s new cd.
06. Make a pie.
07. Go thrift store shopping.
08. Deep clean our house.
09. Hang new curtains in the living room.
10. Host a candle party.
11. And buy yummy, new fall scents.
12. Take my sister trick-or-treating.
13. Get my ebay shop up and running.
14. Find a dresser/chest for our bedroom.
15. Most likely need to refinish said dresser.
16. Get caught up on my reading.
17. Go to the farmer’s market.
18. See Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist at the theatre.
19. And download the soundtrack.
20. Make my uncle’s homemade lasagna.
21. Order our Vikings tickets.
22. Start my Christmas gift-giving list.
23. Go on a date with my husband.
24. Get pictures of G in his Halloween costume.
25. This one’s a secret.

{image via bliss.}

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leah @maritalbless said...

Now that's a list to make October worth remembering! Intrigued by your secret one! :)

Unknown said...

Not sure how I stumbled upon your site...but I've read a couple entries and wanted to say hi!

Chelsea said...

Hey there Bridgette! Well I'm glad that you liked what you read. :) Welcome.