Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'll be the first to admit it; I love things. I know that it isn't the most important part in life, but I still love them. Extra money always burns a whole in my pocket, as I love to buy things with it! That being said, it's no wonder that I have already started my Christmas list! I actually always kind of have a list going of things that I see and or want; whethers it's in my head or on paper. But here are few things that I have down to start up my Christmas list this year. Believe me ladies, your husbands will be glad to have it!

I love this cute little recipe tin from the one and only Martha. It would look so cute in our kitchen.

For The Love of Light book.
DVDs {Feast of Love, Jane Austen Book Club, What Happens In Vegas, Baby Mama, The Office seasons}
Yellow Chuck Taylors.
Clothes & bags... It's hard to add these to a list so early though, stock is always changing.
I really could go on & on. Get ready's really not that far away. What's on your list?


Abby said...

I love that tin!!! Now I must have it!!

Katie said...

that tin is so adorable - if only my kitch matched. is it wrong to consider changing your kitchen to match a recipe tin?