Summer fix.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can't wait for summer. Scratch that... I can't wait for spring! I can't wait for any time of year when I can walk from my office to my car (about 50 ft) and not freeze my arse off! What makes it even worse is when all the stores start carrying their spring clothing lines (like now).... it really gives me something to look forward to though. So when I stopped into Old Navy on my lunch break today... I so wasn't expecting to leave with a pair of sandals! I mean, I really can't wear them now with 16 inches of snow on the ground! But I can stare at them in hopes of warmer days, can't I?

How cute are they?! It's my first pair of sandals like this... I know this style was in last year also, but I really never got into it. But these were just too cute to pass up. I had a merchandise credit to Old Navy and was planning on getting some practical t-shirts or work shirts. But oh well! At least this luxury didn't really cost me anything. :) I also got a super cute black tank... perfect for the warm, breezy nights of summer....

On a more practical note, my final purchase was cute little hoodie with rouched sleeves. Did I mention it has short sleeves! HeHe. :)

I have been very impressed with Old Navy lately. They manage to keep up with the styles while still being very practical, comfortable, and affordable. And it's so nice to have that little merchandise credit floating around in the bottom of your bag... just waiting for a rainy day. You should definitely stop in soon and check out all their new spring stuff- you won't regret it.

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dancerdiva25 said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I look at everyday and I absolutely love the tank from Old Navy! Like you I am a shopaholic as well!

Abby said...

I just looked at those sandals again, and I can't help myself any longer...I NEED THEM! They are adorable and would look great with a variety of looks!