Modern Technology.. oh how I love thee.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So... my birthday isn't actually until March 11th- but I'm pretty sure I know what Brian is getting me. =) I know, I know... it's so much better when it's a surprise (I hear you mom!) but he knows evertything about me and exactly what I want.... which is a new phone. I have a razr which is fine, but just really boring and bland. I saw this phone when it came out and loved it! It's not even that new anymore, but I still think it's awesome. It's the MotoRokr....

It's basically a phone that also plays mp3s, right up my alley. But honestly, I just like the way it looks more than anything. And since we have US Cellular, they don't always have the best phone selection. But I am so excited not to have a flip phone anymore... I hate them. Anyway, I will let you know if my instincts are right, very soon. ;)

Also, my oh-so-generous dad was SO super nice to me the other day. For no reason at all, just gave me some money... and to go shopping with nonetheless!!! Very out of the ordinary, but I guess he was in a good mood. And oh, how proud was the hubby of me when I didn't even go shopping that very day. Let me tell you, he was happy. Little did he know at the time, I was using my smarts and saving the money to put toward a new iPod. =) THANKS DAD! I've wanted a new iPod for quite some time now... I have a mini still that I really do love, but for as much as I use it, I really want a new one. I've had my eye on the Touch since it came out. I really want the iPhone, but they aren't offered in our area, so the Touch is the next best thing. And now thanks to my generous Dad, if I just save for a few weeks I should be able to get it no problem... YaY! And lucky for DH, he can retire his shuffle and use my old mini. =)
I'm so very excited. And as excited as I am to get it, I want to hold off as long as I can so that I can save up for more GBs. Especially since the touch can have videos, photos, etc. It is going to be heaven...

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