Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is literally, me sticking my hand out the backdoor and snapping a picture. We have at least 8 inches down already and it is suppose to keep coming down all day- thus, why I am working from home today. As much as I hate the snow after Christmas time, it seems to drag on forever, there is some majestical about the way it looks when it falls on the trees. Our backyard is filled with trees and I never really appreciated how beautiful it looks until this morning. HOWEVER, a mere 1 inch could give me the same effect... I really don't need a whopping 12+ inches!! Here is the 8 inches we have so far piling up on my front stoop...

And here is my baby, wondering why his mom is home on a Wednesday. (look at those teeth!)

And he's over it. He will sleep like this by my feet all day....

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