For Tonight You're Only Here To Know.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where do I even start? Last night's OTH skipped all the bullshit and headed straight for my heart. By far, my favorite episode of the season so far. So reminiscent of the past seasons- that you couldn't help but put the peices together, understand it, and yet see how significantly they have all grown. Did I mention how hilarious some of the scenes were, how adorable Jamie was, and how great the music was?? No- I didn't even get that far yet!

One of my favorite scences was the boys locker room before the game... how they have all bonded with Jamie, especially Quentin. And then of course the slow motion walk from the locker room to the gym- Jamie leading all the way. ADORABLE....

Obviously, the girls ::being trapped in the library and all:: had their share of significant moments as well. I'm glad that they were all able to open up and let out what has been going on for all of them. I'm also glad that Peyton was able to step up and the be the person that I know she is- even though it was so hard for her. And I adored both Brooke and Haley last night.

But my favorite scene by a land slide last night is pictured below. When Nathan was talking to Lucas about telling Haley the truth about Carrie because he loves her and she deserves to know. And then mentioning how erie it is that they took down Dan's jersey. But that he doesn't want to be a father like Dan was, he wants to be a father how Jamie thinks that he is. This scene absolutely made me melt- I was bawling like a baby.

This entire episode brought back so many memories from the previous seasons and really connected everything together. Of course seeing Tim again was a nice surprise- but getting everything out about the school shooting and Jimmy and Keith. It just all made sense and I loved it.

I hope that you all had a chance to watch this great episode. Here is a link to a scene from last night's episode- showing Peyton, Brooke, Haley, Mouth, Lindsey & Mia all singing "Wish You Were Here" from Kate Veogele's new album. Did I mention Bethany singing?? YAY! And of course hardly any scenes with Carrie- oh except the one where she puts in her 2 weeks!!!- that really made my night. :)

Currently listening to:: Broken by Lifehouse. (the perfect ending song.)