Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jordan over at Oh Happy Day posted about this scarf that she got on sale at Anthropologie today...

...and I recognized it right away! It is none other than the infamous scarf of Bethany Joy's that spontaneously makes appearances wrapped around Haley on OTH!!

I was flipping out! I have looked for this scarf high and low since season 3 with no luck and now I finally know where it originated- of course at one of my favorite stores! But what's even sadder, is that it isn't online and the closest Anthro to me is over an hour away. Oh... maybe it will be a weekend trip. :) I'm sure the hubby would go for that one! HaHa. But isn't it gorgeous???

:: printing off picture to show to hubby tonight to try to convince him ;) ::

Currently listening to :: Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love when you randomly come across something you've been dying for?? How fun!