Seeing Red.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day advertisments must be getting to me.... but I can't help myself:

Kate Veogele's new album 'Don't Look Away' is amazing. I can't even pick a favorite track because they are so good, but 'No Good' is definitely on repeat. How cute are these 'Restricted' red flats by Racheal at Piperlime? I can honestly say that Revlon Colorstay bonding nail polish is my favorite type of nail polish- goes on smooth, no chips for weeks! (and how cute is this simply berry color?) Of course I had to throw some Naley in there- what is Valentine's Day without some Naley-love? And last, but not least Valentine's Day candy of course. Enjoy!

I also have to AW how sweet my hubby is. As much as I love Valentine's Day.. it is a pretty commerical holiday. I wouldn't be offended if I didn't get flowers like everyone else and their mother, but yet I am still such a romantic at heart. Sometimes it amazes me how much Brian truely knows me. So what do I get today... a huge basket filled with all of my favorite things... Coca-Cola, midnight milky ways, a bottle of Merlot, a picture frame, a chick flick dvd, and the cutest little bulldog figurine. :) And a nice little love note too. I had to have been smiling from ear to ear. I am just so happy to be with someone who of course I love to death and who knows me sometimes I think better than I know myself. Okay, I'm done now- sorry for the mush! Tonight we going to our favorite pizza joint and then probably home to watch a movie with Guinness. We talked of going to the theater (really want to see 'Jumper') but I'm thinking we'll save that for the weekend. Hope all of your Valentine's are as sweet to you as mine was....

I had to add that ecard! Thanks to My Life In Transition!


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