It's Elemental.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ugh.. just got an e-mail from Urban Outfitters with some amazing peices of jewelery and I can't even bring myself to browse their site, because I will be devestated that I can't have any. Blah. Sorry for whining like a baby to you, but this is really the only place that I can. If I were to whine about this to Brian, he would seriously tell me to grow up, haha. Which yes, I probably should, but oh... they are so gorgeous.
I especially love the birds ones. I have an new obsession with birds lately. I have some pictures of birds matted and framed next to each other.. they look really beautiful. I hope to do this sometime soon.
Here is one from a fellow nestie's dining room. (I apologize I don't remember where I "stole" this one from!) I really like them in 3's and they look great in this dining room.
Here is another one that looks gorgeous, framed on Nestie MrsPaz's mantle...

I checked out Target's Global Bazaar this year to see if I could find something similar this year, but had no luck. Well... maybe next year.

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