One Tree Hill.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I LOVE 'One Tree Hill'. This is the first season that I have watched it as it airs... I became addicted when I started catching reruns on Soapnet this year. So yes, I went to Best Buy and bought all 4 seasons, as well as all 3 soundtracks. The storylines are amazing (I LOVE NALEY), the plots are actually realistic, the music is incredible, their fashion is to die for, and I just really relate to this show and almost die waiting for the next episode every week. This season, the show's 5th, takes place 4 years into the future from where season 4 left off. It has been incredible, especially for me because now all the characters are my age and going through experiences that I can completely relate to.
Last night's episode was particularly apealing- I knew that Nathan with the nanny would just be dream, but Haley has good reason to be having nightmares about that-- she is obviously trying to steal her entire life from her. I just hope that Haley realizes it before it's too late. And of course the drama with Peyton & Lucas is always drawn out- they are meant to be together and will be in the end, I'm sure, but we have to wait for it- which honestly makes it so worthwhile. And of course all the other characters- Brooke, Mouth, little tyke Jamie-- the show blows my mind. If you haven't seen it yet, I really recommend that you check it out. Reruns are on Soapnet every weekday and you can catch new episodes Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW. Believe me- you won't regret it. =) xoxo NALEY xoxo

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Sea Squared said...

I just started getting into One Tree Hill! I have only caught a few episodes so far but I love it! It is definitely one of my new can't miss shows!