Happy Friday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some things that made me smile this week...

Etsy.com- especially this lovely print from jzroszell :: my favorite baked macaroni & cheese recipe from kraftfoods.com :: Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner that I just finished reading this week- made my heart melt :: my tiny heart necklace from F21 that I wear with everything :: amazing Aveda soothing bath salts that I use every night :: enjoying my gigantic bottle of Merlot that Brian gave me on Valentine’s :: the bird outside my bathroom window-who boldly made his way back to the Midwest in February-that chirps every morning while I’m showering, sending my mind racing into Spring :: the lingering scent of my favorite L’Occitane Eau de 4 Reines eau de toilette :: my Starbucks gift card I have been savoring since Christmas (but not the fact that is had dwindled down so much this week.)

And also that last night Stacey and I officially started our book club! We could not find enough available copies of Persuasion so we are starting with Emma, and I couldn't be more thrilled- after all, they did start out with Emma in the movie as well. :)

And what is really great, is that once we finish the book- we are going to watch the 1996 film Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. I will be sure to post a review of both the book and the movie- as well as our intriguing thoughts on both- once we are through. :)

I can't even tell you how happy I am that the weekend is here! It has been a long week. I will definitely be enjoying myself- even more so once this work day is over.

Currently listening to :: Far More by The Honorary Title.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Jennifer Weiner and Little Earthquakes is my favorite of her books. Good read!

dancerdiva25 said...

I love the things that make you smile! I think it teaches us to look at the small things in life that make us truly happy! great post!

Julia Goolia said...

I second Little Earthquakes being one of my favorites! Jennifer Weiner is the bomb. And just the picture of Starbucks has me craving one right now. :)