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Friday, February 1, 2008

with this new duvet from West Elm; it is absolutely gorgeous! I would LOVE to have that for our twin bed in our guest bedroom. So simple and elegant.... and I'm HOPING that when we will need to transition that room into a nursery, we could keep the small bed in there with this gorgeous duvet and it would work with really any colors that we would choose....

And I want to paint the walls in that room similar to this....

Any suggestions on what colors might be close to this???

I love the depth and warmth to it, but yet it is still so subtle. When we would need the room for a nursery we could easily add light green or yellow accents and I think it would work very well.

Definitely going to print the picture off of that duvet and take it to my hubby on my lunch break. =)

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bryn alexandra said...

I really love these ideas - I love brownish/grey walls... so romantic yet subtle. And that bedding is to die for!

Try these Valspar colors (at Lowes). Coastal Villa is a shade lighter than our Master Bedroom color, or Stone Manor which has a little more brownish tone.

If you go to, you can pick paint a room - and the colors on screen are pretty true to life (I did it for our Master Bedroom and it looks very similar!) Also try it in different rooms to see different lighting. Ah, the wonders of the internet :)

Good luck! I even think that color on the walls could transition to a baby's room! Just add pink or blue or light green accents :)

Suzanne Anas Jurich said...

The duvet cover is gorgeous!!

For the color, also check out Behr's 'Country Club'. I love that's the color of chocolate milk.

Sea Squared said...

I was obsessed with this duvet about a month ago - secretly I still am. It's gorgeous! Seeing it again makes me really want to order it for our master bedroom. Our walls are the same color you posted - I will check to see the name of the color for you.

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