Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First off, I apologize that my posts are always about shopping. It is a weakness of mine that I can't help- therefore most of my randomness consists of shopping- there winding up on our blog. =) I have been longing for a new pair of Converse... ever since my high-top Looney Tunes ones kicked the bucket in junior high. Yes I am serious. I collected a few pair throughout college, but after seeing the new Converse One Star's that Target is carrying I decided it's time for momma to get a new pair of shoes!! I love the ones at Target, but I want the original baby- that's right- the one and only, Chuck Taylor's. I have them in classic black, obviously, and also in this great beigy color called Aged Olive. I love the yellow and blue ones that Target featured -- I'm holding off on ordering them right now, but definitely will be soon. They are so chic and comfortable-- dorky me, I will wear them with everything.

On another note, it is snowing like a mother here. We are suppose to get 12+ inches today & tomorrow!!! I will be cuddled up with my Guinny under the covers with some hot chocolate watching One Tree Hill. =)

Currently listening to:: Where Gravity Is Dead by Laura Veirs