i'm not even sure the last time that we accomplished so much in one weekend.
are you sure you can handle it?
ok then.

my sisters stayed with husband + i over the weekend
because my parents were out of town.
this also happened to coincide with hollie's prom
+ kirby's sleepover on saturday night.
but i'm getting ahead of myself.

on friday afternoon we managed to touch up the paint on the house outside
{that was long overdue}
+ plant some flowers
before the crew came over for
margaritas on the deck
+ pizza + beer + a bonfire.
good times.


on saturday i woke up early to help host a bridal shower for jennifer.
it went off without a hitch
+ she got some really amazing stuff.
she really loved the hot air balloon ride
that myself + a couple other girls got for her + andrew.

meanwhile husband was taking care of the girls.
hollie had makeup + hair appointments.
by the time i got back from the shower
we were on our way to meet brian's brother at my parent's house
to move our new {read: their old} couches to our house.
that took about 45 minutes + then we immediately 
had to start getting hollie + danny ready for prom.
dresses + shawls + heels + jewelry + touchups.
i was glad i got to be there for her to get ready for her first prom.
+ then sent kirby off on her sleepover.
+ then we were off to meet danny's parents to take some photos.

aren't they gorgeous?
a ton more photos here.

{by the way i'm leaving out the million trips 
back + forth across town that consumed my day-
i think i literally went through 3/4 a tank of gas}.
by the time we were back from pictures i was exhausted.
but i had to re-arrange the living room with new couches first of course.
then aaron + kathy came over for a low-key night in.
lots of wine + how i met your mother + really good times.


sunday morning i was feeling a little rough
{cough::too much wine::cough}.
but we got up + got stuff done none the less.
+ oh boy, did we?
tons + absolute tons of yard work.
planted more flowers + cleaned the gutters.
hung new shutters + a trip to lowes.
filled the tiki torches + hung new birdfeeders.
+ of course cleaned the house.
{i feel like i'm leaving out a billion other things
but you get the idea}.

after 10 hours of all this work
we crashed.
taco bell covered our entire coffee table
+ we all pigged out + watched tv.

it was a really great weekend
+ especially awesome to get so much stuff done.
but combine all of that nonstop running with today-
dropping sisters off at school. cleaning the house some more.
{sisters are messy}. bridesmaid dress fittings.
editing prom photos. + picking sisters up from school.
i am wondering where the heck the time has gone?

the end.

happy monday.

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Joi said...

Love you sister's dress!

And what a busy weekend!