Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i suppose you might be wondering what we brought home from the weekend.
what with all that shopping + all.
i am happy to report that we made out like bandits.
here is our loot in all it's glory.

{clockwise from left: light fixture for the kitchen- to replace the one that husband broke so many months ago; stuffed bulldog that looks just like G- we couldn't say no to that face; pretty pillows; more ribba frames; beautiful navy/white striped rug; some amazing vinyl finds- dcfc{narrow stairs}. bon iver{for emma, forever ago}. she&him {volume one}; really cute sweatshirt from U.O. clearanced out for $10 {still $48 on the site!}; pretty pretty shoes in yellow+black; + this lovely dish that i forgot to include in the picture.}

oh i forgot how good it feels to shop.
i honestly have not shopped at all
{with the exception of this wedding dress}
since losing my job.
i think i more than made up for it this weekend.


Lindsay said...

great finds. i love that pillow. oh and i have those dishes!