Wednesday, May 6, 2009

movies have been impressing me lately.
we have seen a lot of good ones.
+ it seems many more are on the way.
let's recap shall we?
{in no particular order}

we thought this film was very well done + very interesting.
in fact husband + i spent an hour or so on the computer watching
the real interviews afterward.

.the reader.
this film was brilliant.
it was an amazing story.
with amazing actors.
in my opinion kate winslet's best role ever.
it was genuine + sincere + sweet + just so real.
it brought out so many emotions in me.
i loved it.

.the cake eaters.
this was by far one of my favorite movies
that i have seen in a long time.
my beloved kristen stewart was phenomenal in this role.
if anyone questions her as an actress
see this movie + then talk to me about it.
such a heartfelt + devastating story.
but so full of hope + love.
i will be buying this one.

.seven pounds.
i have to be honest
i almost did not finish this one.
for me the beginning drug on
+ was just confusing in general.
it's one of those you don't really know
what's going on until the end when it ties it all together.
but stick it out if you can
because it is worth it in the end.
it is heart wrenching.
but it is fantastic.
i love the message that it sends.

first of all
james franco shirtless will do it for a lot of you
{it did for me anyway}.
but seriously this is a truly inspiring film.
another one that had husband + i searching on the internet
for hours afterward; it's just so interesting.
another heart-wrencher
but a really great story.

.marley + me.
i waited a long time before i sat down + watched this one.
because i didn't think i could handle it.
but i am really glad that i did.
because it was so, so worth it.
so sweet.
owen + jennifer were amazing.
+ it made me love G even more.
i didn't think was possible.

.bride wars.
i'm a sucker for romantic comedies
so i adored this film.
a little predictable- yes
but isn't that why we love them?
it turned out to be cuter than i even thought
+ add beautiful wedding gowns + cakes + best friends
to that mix + you have yourself a winner.

.yes man.
another one that really surprised me.
i expected this to be a dud since i hadn't heard much of it
but it was so great!
really, really cute
with a really great message.
and my beloved zooey deschanel was spectacular!
oh yeah, and lots of humor too.
a must see in my opinion.
in fact this one inspired us so much,
that husband bet me he could say 'yes' to everything for a week!
i didn't make it very easy for him!
but he was a champ!

.zack + miri make a porno.
so yeah, this one has been out for a while.
but i never really had a huge desire to see it
even though i love seth rogan.
but we finally did + were really surprised.
it was super sweet + funny!
definitely worth watching.

.the secret life of bees.
i've been a fan of this book for a long while.
in fact i've read it three times.
i just always loved the story.
but i was worried about the movie portrayal 
because they never live up to the book.
but this one sure came close.
a phenomenal cast!
truly brilliant.
with the likes of queen latifah, alicia keys, jennifer hudson, 
dakota fanning, + my favorite hilarie burton.. 
how could it not be amazing, right?
i promise you it is so amazing.
see it immediately.

wow. our tv has been busy lately!
but for good reason, for sure.
+ i am getting very excited for the good ones to come....

most excited for this.
i absolutely cannot wait.

brilliant. it just looks brilliant.
+ with ben gibbard singing in the trailer
i would have seen it anyway.
{judd apatow, you are my favorite}.

alexis bledel.
i love her so.
enough said.

oh my.
this is really doing it for me.
heart is fluttering.

no need for an explanation.

see you at the movie theater!
{i'll be the one with a huge popcorn
+ a big-ass goofy grin on my face}.
i just love going to the movies.

currently listening to :: wake up by arcade fire.