Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i know this has been done to death.
but i've been tagged several times + i don't want to disappoint.
.here goes.

.8 things i am looking forward to.
01. seeing europe someday.
02. all of the wonderful weddings we will attend this summer/fall.
03. hopefully finding a job that i love.
04. boat rides on the river this summer.
05. becoming a mother someday.
06. using my starbucks gift card that i just got.
07. farmers market every saturday morning.
08. how to be dvd release.

.8 things i did yesterday.
01. woke up with kisses from husband.
02. went on a walk with g.
03. danced to the cure.
04. folded laundry.
05. baked cookies.
06. got fitted for a bridesmaid dress.
07. watched frost/nixon.
08. hung out with my sisters.

.8 things i wish i could do.
01. knit/crochet.
02. have unlimited shopping money.
03. play guitar in a band.
04. own my own coffee/photography/antiques shop.
05. sing.
06. actually enjoy working out.
07. see the world.
08. be more spontaneous.

.8 shows i enjoy.
01. one tree hill.
02. how i met your mother.
03. the office.
04. the oc.
05. gilmore girls.
06. seinfeld.
07. sex + the city.
08. brothers + sisters.

.8 people i tag.
anyone + everyone who wants to join in!
it was fun.
i swear.

.photo by yours truly.
currently listening to :: 10 years gone by led zeppelin.