Tuesday, May 19, 2009

+ we're back with another amazing + event-filled weekend to report.

we had friends in town visiting .brett+kerri. 
we had a relaxing evening at a+k's casa + got caught up.
drank some beers + watched tom petty music videos.

in the morning i attended the one + only bri bri's wedding shower at the park.
my girls jackie + katie even came to town to join in the festivities.
we got caught up. ate good food. + watched bri open some amazing presents.
+ i also got to catch up a little with the lovely kayla.
i had several errands to run following the shower.
so that i could get home + be ready in time for bri's bachelorette party!
met the girls for dinner + a crazy {to say the least} night ensued.
that's what bachelorette parties are all about right?
but really, get all us girls together at any time + things are anything but dull.
i love you girls. you rock my world.

husband answered my drunken call around 12:30
to come + pick me up as the party was winding down.
he was at our favorite local bar with the crew
+ i was soon joining in on their fun too.
we closed down the place as always.
playing pool + drinking even more beers + dancing to the jukebox.

when we got home we decided to order some pizza.
i believe it was my drunken suggestion + he went along with it.
{thanks babe}.
would have been fine + dandy
except papa john's is way too quick at 3 in the morning
+ the pizza guy saw me in my undies.
but the pizza was still good + i figured that counted as his tip, right?
just kidding.

i slept in until 11 am.
this is no small feat for me.
as i never sleep in.
but i was glad that i did because i felt wonderful when i awoke.
we loaded up the g-man + headed out to my in-laws place
for some much needed country air + r+r.

we spent the day hiking around the beautiful area.
exploring old abandoned houses.

petting pretty horses.

catching up with the family.
+ grilling out some amazing food.
our niece even made us some smores for dessert.

+ believe it or not i was once again indulging myself with an ice cold beer
after my father-in-law insisted.
it actually tasted good + i had a couple more.
how did that happen?
beer really does hold a soft spot in my heart.

headed home to catch the desperate housewives finale.
+ that my friends is our weekend!
busy, yes. hell of a lot of fun, most definitely.

lots more pictures here.

currently listening to :: can't you see by the marshall tucker band.


Joi said...

Your weekends always sound so fun. You really seem like you've got great friends and family, C.

And, as always, your pictures are breathtaking!

Maybe start an Etsy shop for some extra cash... : )

Chelsea said...

thanks so much joi! i am actually working on an etsy shop at the moment.. thanks to all of my amazing readers for inspiring me! :) i really appreciate it!