Tuesday, May 12, 2009

oh what a weekend.
we ended up road tripping with the fam to minneapolis.
a great time was had to say the least.

we drove through monsoons.
+ i'm pretty sure what were tornadoes.
{my road mixes were what got us through}.
i'm sure of it.

but we did have the occasional break in the clouds.

+ we got a little crazy in the car.
+ realized that hollie forgot her shoes.
but arrived to visit + party with family at my aunt's house late friday night.

we hit the streets of uptown.
st. louis park. mn.
my favorite place to be.

we shopped until we couldn't anymore
{which takes a lot for me}.

perused the most amazing record shop.
stocked up on wine at trader joes {again}.
played with danny's new diana.

ate really good pizza.
celebrated my parent's 28th wedding anniversary.

+ had our impromptu photo shoot.
then we headed to ikea.
+ made away with our loot.
visited + partied with family+friends yet again.
bbq + beer + funny stories.

woke up early + took G on a very long walk.
around a very pretty lake.

+ took him to the beach for the very first time.
to say that he loved it would be the biggest understatement.
husband+i have never seen him quite so excited.

he ran around in the sand like a crazy, crazy dog.
+ made numerous leaps into the water.
{exhibit a: G's baywatch shot}.

he was so excited that we had to stop by the park too.

when G had reached his limit
we headed back to my aunt's house.
celebrated mother's day with my amazing mother.
{can't wait for our couples massage mom!}
hung out for a little while longer.
{none of us wanted to leave}.
but we said our goodbyes.
+ started the car ride{s} home.
with one really tired dog on our hands.
+ people too.

but we had road mixes.
+ good stories.

+ goldfish+hotdog bun sandwiches.
+ sweet little geese greeting us along the way.

+ busking.
+ amazing views.

+ wide open spaces.

+ each other.
to get us by.

such an amazing weekend.
+ i am just so very lucky.
my family pretty much rocks my socks off.

.photos via yours truly.
oh yeah + more are here.
currently listening to :: what light by wilco.


Hollie said...

Me and mister Daniepants are on our way to kill you for that picture.

Lindsay said...

what a fun weekend!

jasmine said...

wow. those are GORGEOUS photos. just beautiful!