Tuesday, May 26, 2009

seriously is that what that was?
i can't believe how much we managed to cram in.
even with the extra day.
at least we really enjoyed ourselves.

the days are mixing together.
we spent so much time outside.
during the day we ate otter pops.
+ at night we drank coronas.
lots of coronas.

spent all of our days with andrew+stacey.
aaron+kathy when they got home.
+ even aunts+cousins from out of town.

went to our favorite farmers market.

+ along with my usual purchases of fresh baked bread + honey
i snagged up this beautiful ring.

which is freakishly similar to this one i blogged about last week.
it's so perfect.

+ also this absolutely delicious peach pie.

my favorite bread comes out of the boston globe truck from the film field of dreams.
it makes an appearance at our farmers market every week.
pretty cool, eh?

we played with my vintage cameras in the backyard.

had bonfires with pretty colors.

drunken singstar nights.
discovered grapevines growing in our backyard.

found G sleeping on a pile of coats {funny story}.

got some very exciting news on saturday.
that my photo was being featured in etsy's treasury west special feature.
that made for a good day.
{huge thanks to misandmatch for choosing my little old photo!}
went to see sunshine cleaning with a+s.
+ drank wine in the theatre.
it was so good.
both the movie + the wine.
made the most delicious caprese salad with mom.

dad+husband wondered where the bread was, but ate it anyway.
+ followed it up with some taquitos.
oh boys.

stained the deck with husband.
{or at least started to}.

coinciding with some serious tom petty jam out sessions.
our neighbors love us.
lots of drinking.
in fact, way too much drinking.
the past 11 days.
i am currently in detox mode.
until jen + andrew's big day anyway.
4 more days!!
picked pretty iris' from the front yard.

and sweet, sweet lily of the valley from the backyard.
admired our peonies that are almost here.

ran all over town again + again with my circus of a family.
ran around town with jen for some wedding details.
+ laughed at how buster sits on her lap.
+ at how much he loves posing for me.

traveled to mom's hometown + visited family.
celebrated memorial day.
+ visited those whom we miss dearly.

by monday night we were completely wiped.
snuggled up on the couch + watched
the curious case of benjamin button.
it was brilliant. i enjoyed it so much.
i am especially fond of the tugboat, chelsea.

what an awesome name for a tugboat, no?
or an awesome name for a kick-ass 24-year-old you might know?
{it gave me shivers hearing Brad Pitt say my name. sexy}.

 it officially feels like summer.
+ it couldn't be better.

chelsea tugboat via google images.
all others our mine + more are here.
currently listening to :: we're all in the dance by feist.


Amy said...

sounds like a great weekend!

Julia Goolia said...

The ring and the caprese salad are my FAVES. Also, I saw three girls walking around Chicago with old school cameras like that and immediately thought of you. Actually, I stared at all of their faces to make sure one of them WASN'T you....they could have been your age, even though it was the wrong state all together. So funny! :)

Chelsea said...

OMG Julia, that just made me laugh so hard!! I love it! I wish it would have been me... we would have had a blast stomping around Chi-town with our badass cameras! Maybe next time! And it is the wrong state, but a nearby state, it could have been very possible. :)