Thursday, May 21, 2009

so there aren't many screencaps out there yet from OTH's season finale.
but i still have to get my update/thoughts.
i believe in the duration of the hour i...
cried. screamed. smiled. laughed. bawled. sighed.
is that it? there's probably more.
talk about a happy ending for the season??
something that OTH is not known for.
but i wouldn't have it any other way.

.it started out scary.
.but it was done so, so well.

.it was just so perfect.
.the music. the group watching all together.
.and julian being there for brooke was amazing.

.so happy when she came to.
.and naming her Sawyer- that really got me.
.but they just couldn't leave it at that.
.they had to throw in a little karen action too!!

.oh happy days.

.so perfect.

.as if that wasn't great enough.
.nathan makes it to the fricking nba.

.some naley action.
{+ don't even get me started on last weeks slutty wedding sex}.

.seeing whitey was amazing.
.i was so happy when they showed his loving face.
.not to mention the cowboy hat.
.but seeing whitey with dan in that scene.
.it was pure brilliance.
.and then when nathan showed up.
.oh my gosh, it was beyond amazing.

.mouth + milli = cuteness.
.i think he'll be proposing soon.

.brooke's mom finally being brooke's mom.
.i adored that scene + it was a long time coming.
.i was so, so happy for her.
.she has had a rough season.
.+ when she went to julian in la.
.i was swooning.

.honestly there was so much goodness wrapped up into this finale
that i can't even contain it all.
.the best finale ever, + for sure one of the best episodes ever.
.it read a lot like a series finale, but rest assured, they are confirmed for next season
minus leyton.
.i have heard some talks that people don't like the way leyton went out at the end.
.i however thought it was perfect.
.they got their happy ending.
.and no one deserves it more than them.

i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved {x100 more} it!!
not to mention that the ending montage was to one of my favorite songs on the planet!
i was overjoyed.

+ i will leave you with a little bit of this...

...+ a little bit of that.

.i can't wait for next season.

"somebody told me that this is the place 
where everything's better + everything's safe"


Kayla said...

Wait Wait Wait.... What do you mean no Naley!??! They will be off the show completely? And Jamie?? Aww so sad! ;-(

Chelsea said...

No, no... Naley will be back in full force! Leyton however are done. This was the last season for both Petyon & Lucas. ::tear::

But as long as I have my Naley, I will be alright!