Friday, May 22, 2009

i am very excited to share some amazing news with you today.
thanks to my amazing readers {read: all of you}
+ your sweet, sweet words of encouragement 
i have decided to open an etsy shop of my own!
crazy, right?

i honestly never thought such a thing would happen.
but you all have motivated me so much
+ i owe it all to you.
so thank you.
from the bottom of my heart.

.here is a sneak peek of what you can find in the shop.
.i really hope that you like what you see.

i also want to mention that if you are interested in purchasing a photo
that i do not have showcased in my etsy shop
please let me know because i would love to add it.
you all know that i have quite the collection going on here
+ it's not quite possible to list every one for sale.
but drop me a line + i will add it asap.
in fact i would love your opinions on what photos
you think are etsy-worthy.

thank you all again.
this is so very exciting for me.

happy friday!


Kristin said...

Congrats! I think your busines will do great! You take beautiful photos!

Krissa said...

HOW AWESOME!!! That is exciting!

Joi said...

Yay, C!

I wish you all the best and am POSITIVE it will be a hit. I've always adored your pics. Off to check out your site right now!

: )

Lindsay said...

Very exciting!!! :)