Friday, May 15, 2009

had a great day yesterday.
met up with my former co-workers
{who we are now instructed by hr to refer to as friends}.
why didn't we think of that ladies?

our shindig started around 1 pm.
drinking long island ice teas on the back deck.
i was planning on leaving around 4.
we all ended up canceling our other plans
+ dancing on the backdeck with blow-up guitars
+ singing along to my sharona + my girl.

oh how i love you ladies.
i am not however loving my hangover this morning.
{but it was worth it}.

so today i am spending the day on the couch recovering.
+ catching up on my dvr.
i just finished watching the grey's finale
+ i honestly don't know how i am ever going to recover.
i was crying + screaming so loud
that guinness was wondering what the heck was going on.
i just can't believe it.

.our team at wrigleyville last year.
currently listening to :: re:stacks by bon iver.


Lindsay said...

i hear ya about Grey's!!!!! Didn't see the 007 coming @ all.