Saturday, May 23, 2009

if you know me, you know that i'm not a country music lover.
not since the good 'ol Garth Brooks days anyway.
{who kissed me on the cheek by the way. yep, for real}.
but would you believe it if i told you that i am currently crushing on a country song?
i know, right?
i heard it last weekend for the first time at bri's party
{although kathy insists i have heard it with her before,
while drunk, + now have no recollection of it-
which at least shows that i'm nothing if not original, right?}
anyway.. it's called johnny+june.
+ it's about, of course, johnny+june carter.
maybe that's why i just love it so much.
i love johnny cash.
some might say a little too much.
here it is, in all its glory-
the song that made me crossover + even actually blog about it.

love it, right??
i can't stop listening to it.
but please don't be expecting this kind of post from me again anytime soon


leah @maritalbless said...

Haha! I would listen to that song endlessly, which is unusual for me, a few months ago!