Thursday, April 30, 2009

one good thing about being unemployed at the moment
is that i get to enjoy the beauty of spring.
any time i want.
i'm not sure i have ever loved spring so much.

.g + i spend plenty of time on the back deck.
i never knew there was so much beauty in our backyard.
filled with..


.jet streams.

.pretty colors.

.funny faces from g.

.good stories.

.did i mention sunshine.

.swirly clouds.

.pretty pretty birds.

.+ gorgeous views.

not to mention bunnies. + deer. + cardinals.
daffodils. cherry blossoms. peonies. magnolia trees. + tulips.
+ my happy little family too.


{photos by yours truly}.
so many more here.


Lindsay said...

lovely pictures. your spirts seem to be up. thats great! :)