Thursday, May 14, 2009

01. chocolate chip pancakes.
02. rope swings.
03. writing my name with a sparkler.
04. sleeping until the last possible second.
05. discovering an amazing record shop.
06. + spending 2 hours inside.
07. cobbled streets.
08. summer nights.
09. fast-forwarding through commercials.
10. really good road mixes.
11. the sound of a tea kettle whistling.
12. all kinds of cheese.
13. open windows.
14. thunderstorms at night.
15. dinners on the back deck.
16. when my ipod is psychic.
17. wearing husband's clothes.
18. quoting how i met your mother.
19. mexican coca cola.
20. driving around until the song is over.
21. finding the perfect dress.
22. photos from airplane windows.
23. reading in the bathtub.
24. exploring a new city.
25. irish accents.
26. photobooths.
27. chips + homemade salsa.
28. taking pictures of driftwood.
29. finding things from my childhood.
30. stocking up on red wine.
31. concert ticket stubs.
32. gilmore girls on dvd.
33. the feeling when someone plays with my hair.
34. rearranging furniture.
35. live music.
36. buying two colors of the same pair of shoes because you like them so much.
37. hearing the garage door go up when husband is home.
38. wind blown hair.
39. pictures of Paris.
40. getting a new magazine in the mail.
41. that first step into the ocean when you finally see it again.
42. spending hours in old book shops.
43. fresh pineapple.
44. chocolate frosting + graham crackers {especially when my grandma made it}.
45. when my mom does my makeup.
46. + my sister does my hair.
47. refinding songs i once loved.
48. cupcakes with sprinkles.
49. diet coke from a fountain.
50. sofia coppola movies.
51. walking the pier at night.
52. my mom's mustang.
53. shopping in uptown mn.
54. or state street in madison.
55. knowing that i am meant to live in a bigger city.
56. random conversations with fellow music-lovers in the record shop.
57. goldfish + hotdog bun sandwiches {of course}.
58. finishing a book on the ride home.
59. G making a new friend.
60. everyone's sweet words of encouragement {thank you}.

still catching up.
it's really nice to appreciate all the little things in life.

currently listening to :: skyway by the replacements.


Amy said...

that pancake looks so good