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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well since today is October 1st {and it's about 40 degrees outside here} there is no denying that fall is in the air. :) Sadly the hubs and I do not have much for fall decor. We have a berry wreath that I love and put on the front door. It is very similar to this one...
But other than that, we only have a few pumpkin candleholders and that's it! Sad, but true. I'm not really one to go all out for decor anyway, but I like to have a few nice peices. I've been browsing the blogs lately and have found some fabulous and thrifty ideas to decorate for fall. Martha has done it again...

If I could decorate every room in my house with these, I would:

And this just looks so classic and cute:

How fun:

So what are your favorite fall decorations?? {Glitter pumpkins, Nesties?} I would love to add something more to our house this year. Share your ideas!

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