Thursday, October 16, 2008

I started reading Twilight on Tuesday night after hearing so many rave reviews from my fellow bloggers about it. Well, I finished the book last night and I am 100% officially in love with the story. I honestly couldn't put it down, as I'm sure you can tell since I read it in two days. It was incredible, romantic, tragic, scary, inspiring, and about a million other things that I can never describe.

I have forced myself to try to stay away from the photos and videos that have surfaced about the movie that premieres in November, because I wanted to visualize the characters how I saw them in my head before seeing how they would be portrayed in the movie. Well, I have to say that what I pictured and what I have seen about the movie- are very similar. Definitely some differences, but in general they did an excellent job with casting. I am SO pumped to see the movie, but just really hoping that it lives up to the book- which is going to be very difficult.

I am running to Borders today on my lunch to pick up New Moon, Stephanie Meyer's sequel to Twilight, part two of the the Twilight series saga. YAY. I can't wait to continue reading about them....

I think the hubs might even read this one. :)

currently listening to :: memories by the sequel.

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kari said...

I've been thinking of giving these books a try. Looks like I need to!

Lisa said...

It is ridiculous how enthralled I am with these books!! I start one, and cannot stop until it's finished. I finished New Moon last night, but hear that Eclipse (the 3rd) is the best one.

I HOPE the movie lives up to the books.

Joi said...

I love the books, too. I'm trying to find time to start the second one!

Anonymous said...

I LOVELOVELOVE the series!!! I am a total nerd too!