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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was so happy to have a new OTH last night, and it didn't disappoint.....

Petyon and Lucas are too cute!

And OMG, so are they! I loved how Nathan called her a nerd in high school! haha.

I was glad that they found Sam.

And I just have to say that Haley looked flipping adorable last night! I loved her top!

Oh how I love Millie. I'm so glad she's back!

By far the funniest scene all night! I was laughing my ass off!

Deb: "Way to go hunny!"
Nathan & Skills: "Thanks"

Still not too sure about this whole Mick/real dad storyline with Peyton. I like Larry. I miss Larry. I was glad to see Peyton call him...

And after everything that the Scotts have been through, I was actually glad to see Dan pick up Jamie from school. I think everyone knows that he would do anything for that kid. Not saying I want Dan back in the picture with everyone, but I'm glad that he has a relationship with Jamie.

Loved it when they ran into Deb & Skills.

The flashbacks to right before Dan shoots Keith will always give me goosebumps. And this was an amazing scene...

I felt so bad for Lucas at the book store. But I'm glad that he realized in the end that "The Comet" had already served it's ultimate purpose. :)

This was too funny! Oh Mouth, how I've missed you!

I love that they want to help Sam, but I love that they worry about Jamie so much.

Slamball! I'm loving it!! But I don't want Nathan to hurt his back.

And OWEN!!! YAY!!!!! The scene with him and Jamie was ADORABLE! "I'm on Team Brooke!"His face was priceless.

So, so, so, so happy to have B. Davis & P. Sawyer united again!

I especially loved this. So Peyton!

Loved this! Hahaha...

Everything between Mouth and Lucas was awesome! Go home to your girls, boys!!

One of my favorite scenes... they're so awesome:

I think I'm going to like the Sam/Brooke relationship, and her living with Brooke.

And my favorite of the night: :)

I thought this episode rocked! Nothing majorly drama, just clearing a lot of of loose ends up and for the most part I think things are headed in the right direction. BUT I think that Nathan and Haley should have another baby! haha. It's about time! Jamie is almost 6!! :)

Oh, and for my possible haircut that I speculated about yesterday... I'm loving the length of Brooke's right now...

What do you think??
Waiting for next Monday.....

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Anonymous said...

Haha I love this show!!! It's my favorite! I have to say I def think Jamie is so cute & I'm so glad Peyton and Brooke are ok now and she was honest with her! The show just keeps getting better!

*Sam* said...

If I knew my kid would be as cute as Jamie I'd have one. :p Seriously. lol

I couldn't agree with you more on the entire story line right now. It ROCKS! Although, I am foreseeing that Nathan hurts his back and that'll be the end of his career. He'll have to take a coaching job or something.