Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I finished New Moon over the weekend and am now halfway through Eclipse. I am trying to force myself to savor it and read it slowly- knowing that there is only one more after this. I'm not having much luck with that- I acutally read a paragraph while stopped at a stoplight yesterday. Yes I do realize this is a problem!
It is just soooo good. After Lisa's post yesterday I have come to the conclusion that I am not the only overly-obsessed one out there, which is good to know. Haha. I agree with all of Lisa's obsessive reasons, and then some....

01. I have watched the movie trailors over & over online and searched You Tube endlessly for more.

02. I have downloaded as many of the songs from the soundtrack as I can possibly find. And Bella's lullaby is the default song on my MySpace page.

03. Did I mention listening to Bella's Lullaby on repeat all day long?

04. Constantly searching for Twilight flair & bumper stickers and getting them from my just-as-addicted friends!

05. Hot Topic is having an official listening party of the soundtrack this Friday night and giving away some Twilight gear. I know this because I am obsessed. And duh of course I am going. At least I have an just-as-obsessed 16 year old sister to go with me. :)

06. I am absolutely devestated just thinking about having no more to read....

I can honestly say that this is my favorite love story.... I just love them. Something about that forbidden fruit... I will always remember Edward & Bella.

{waiting for the end of the workday so I can go home and read.......}

currently listening to :: bella's lullaby by carter burwell.

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Joi said...

Too cute, Chelsea. I've only read the first one, and while I loved it--the last three look so long. I just started my master's class on top of teaching full time and I just can't seem to fit the others in!

But, your posts are inspiring me!

And now I'm off to find Bella's Lullaby asap! : )

*Sam* said...

I started reading these books before my friends. I then corrupted them and got them into reading them. They are now more obsessed than I was. ;)

Oh and just remember, just because you finish the last book doesnt mean you can't start them over. I'm on my 3rd book for the 2nd time. lol

Lisa said...

So good, right?!?! I'm almost depressed that I have no more books to read, although Breaking Dawn left me super satisfied. As in, I felt it was the perfect ending for the series.

I'm anxious to hear what you think about the final book, because I've heard that some fans thought it was the worst one. I obviously think the exact opposite, particularly due to the "love" between Edward and Bella in it. I won't say anymore, but be sure to post your thoughts when you've finished.