Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today is my Friday!! YAY! I took a vacation day tomorrow to get some stuff done around the house. Our garage and basement are still filled with remnants from our garage sale and many miscellaneous items that we aren’t using—I’m spending the day sorting through everything and getting it out of the house!! Doesn’t sound too exciting, eh? But I will be happy to get it done.

On top of that- I will be crossing some things off of my October to-do list! Not much left now…..

I have high hopes that I will be able to finish it—even though the Twilight saga has been taking up most of my free time this October… hey, I’m not complaining!

Since I won’t be around the blogosphere tomorrow.. here are a few things that made me happy this week—

01. Ej’z 'say it like it is' greeting card. I love it and have one hanging in my cubicle at the moment. I do plan on using them though. Thanks Ez!
02. Everything Twilight-related. {duh.}
03. Adele. While Hometown Glory will always be my number one of hers, Chasing Pavements is undeniably incredible. I'm glad that the rest of the world is catching on now after seeing her perform on SNL.

04. These amazing flats from Old Navy. I am currently waiting for my local store to get them in stock.. I’ll take one in every color please! Thank you.

05. This laundry room….. I wonder if I could pull that off in my basement? {decorology.}

06. Alyssa’s awesome weekend project! This chick rules.

07. The new cardigans at F21. Nuf said. I would show you the ones that I want, but that would take up way too much space. ;)

08. Jaxon's age two photographs. He is such a peach- I can barely stand it.

09. i love you every step of the way. {a la walkingincircles.}

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will! Lots of things on the agenda, but all of them involve myself and my husband so I am happy as a clam. :)
currently listening to :: bella's lullaby by carter burwell. {yes, still.}


Jill said...

I absolutely LOVE Adele's Chasing Pavements song... I heard it one morning on VH1 Hit Lists station. Love it!


Oh and I love that laundry room too! Beautiful! I think you could totally pull that off in a basement too! You'd have so much more space to work with down there too!!! :)

Joi said...

Chelsea...I am so wanting the font you posted your "to-do" list in!

Please share : )

leah @maritalbless said...

Those flats are amazing!