Thursday, October 9, 2008

Remember the candle party that I hosted last week? Well remember how I promised you I would share the loot that I scored for free, just for throwing the party at my house?? Prepare to be jealous. Here is all of my loot that I got for FREE:

Cobbler on the Porch. Quiet Moments. Warm Welcome. Mrs' Claus's Kitchen. Creme Brule. Vanilla Carmel Custard. Ginger Lime. Cranberry Orange diffuser. 3 sets of 3 scented bookmarks in Quiet Moments, Harmony, & Amber Woods and Savannah Rain. Set of 3 auto freshners {I might use these in our closests} in Ginger Lime.

Did I mention that these are all in the largest sizes available too? To buy all of this would have cost $195.55!! Woo hoo!! I'm so excited!!

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