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Friday, October 10, 2008

I am feeling more like my normal self today. :) And I have the most amazing friends and family in the world. How could I doubt how lucky I am for a second? Despite the things that we have going on, I have an amazing support system that I know is always there for me- and that makes me feel like I can make it through a lot. {And Kathy, I don't know what I would do without you and your amazing prayer. Love you!}

I am SO happy to be feeling good today since it is the start of a beautiful weekend!!!! Tonight we are hanging out with Aaron & Kathy and very much looking forward to just relaxing and drinking some wine. :) Tomorrow is a big day... my sister Hollie and I are going to hit up farmer's market early and then go thrift shopping. Then I have Brianna's baby shower at 11. And then I am meeting Kathy and her mom to look at bridesmaid dresses and see her gorgeous dress at 1! Then I am meeting the hubby back at home and we are heading to visit the in-laws for a bit. And then I am very excited that we are having a date night. First we are going to a local corn maze by his childhood home that is suppose to be a blast! And then we are catching dinner a movie. We are thinking "Flash of Genius" and OG's all you can eat pasta! :) I am very excited to spend some quality time alone with the hubby... our open schedules are few and far between lately and this is just what I need. And of course Sunday is reserved for football and family. :) I am also hoping to clean out and guest bedroom.

I hope that the weekend is bringing good things your way too!

AND I completely forgot to tell you yesterday, that it was the first anniversary of this blog!!! Can you believe it?? We started this blog exactly one year ago yesterday. I really can't believe that. A lot has changed since then. I can't wait to share our next year with all of you! And I can't believe that we are one!

Oh yeah and I really one want of these.

See you Monday!

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leah @maritalbless said...

I hope that you get your bag! :)

Joi said...

Girl, you always sound so busy and have so many fun things planned!

Love it!

And, happy blogiversary!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And congrats on one year of blogging!=)