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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I thought that last night's OTH was a much-needed break from the dramatic lives they lead and allowed us to enjoy the characters with where they are at right now. I loved the scenes with Peyton and Lucas because they were so real. Even when people are meant to be together such as Leyton, it isn't always easy. And I loved that it was B. Davis magazine:

How cute are they, seriously?

Poor little Jamie. I felt so bad when that kid called Quentin stupid. And here he is fighting just like his daddy:

Speaking of which... I just couldn't resist:

I'm glad that Mouth is back and with Millie...

Which by the way, who does GiGi think she is? Ugh.
I was very happy with the interaction between Owen and Brooke. Brooke didn't give in, but Owen explained and apologized. Forgiveable in my opinion...

I loved this scene. I just loved it that Nathan was the one to hold it all together- especially when it comes to fighting.

Lucas & Peyton in Karen's bed = HILARIOUS!

I just thought they were so funny together:

I liked how Nathan and Haley handled things with Jamie.
And of course my favorite was Nathan showing up to Jamie's school in a cape!
The most adorable scene ever!

And Brooke's problems with Samantha... very understandable. I loved the scene when she bursts into Haley's classroom.
And Peyton texted Fergie was hilarious!!

How cute are they?? Nathan likes his "bad girl". haha

Peyton knows how to work it....

But I was glad when they made up. And found it even more hilarious that he darted for the bathroom and she ran to the kitchen. I loved it.

Some Naley love. I was so happy when she decided she was ready to sing again.

And SO glad that Brooke gave Sam another chance.

And Dan telling off the kid's mother was insane. I seriously loved it, it was so Dan!
But the best was when Fergie showed up...
But the topper for me was {duh} Bethany Joy performing with Grace Potter! I thought I was going to lose it, it was so AMAZING!!! Their duet is available on iTunes!

"I'm a leader..."

I loved this episode and the fact that we got to take a break from all the drama and just see them. Very much needed. And next week looks insane.... Julian??

{images via treehillfan.}

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