Monday, October 13, 2008

Welp, another weekend down. Another Monday. Another 5 days of waiting for the weekend. We had a lovely weekend and scored some much-needed family time though.

Friday afternoon at work I was pleasantly surprised when my boss stopped back and insisted that our team leave work at 2 for a "field trip" of sorts! Don't have to twist my arm! So at 2 pm we left all work behind and headed to...... the mall. We did some handbag and shoe shopping for a couple hours and then headed to a local restaurant/bar for some drinks! YUM.

Not sure if I've mentioned before but the one and only Aaron is actually my bosses' son! Yep, it's true. So since, Brian and Kathy were both still at work, and Aaron was pissed that I was already drinking, he came and joined us for a bit. Then Aaron and I headed to their place to pick up Kathy, and she was more than ready for a drink! :) Soon thereafter we headed to our place, and Aaron and Brian decided to go to the high school football game. They both played on the team for all 4 years of high school and still can't get enough. Meanwhile, Kathy and I vegged out on the couch with some wine and the first season of "The Girls Next Door." I had never seen the show before, but Kathy had. And co-workers of mine are always talking about it and seemed amazed that I hadn't heard about it. Haha. It was very interesting to say the least, but I did enjoy watching it. I can see that Holly and Hugh have a real relationship, but just seeing him kiss the other two girls weirds me out a bit. And yeah- talk about being behind the times! I just start watching Holly & Hugh's relationship as they decide to call it quits. haha. Figures.

Once the boys returned we headed over to our parents house {Aaron's parents live next door to my parents- geez, this is making me realize that I think I need to give a history lesson on Aaron and I.} Anyway, we headed over there and hung out with them for a bit. :)

*Okay so a quicky about Aaron- Aaron and I have been friends since we were one. No seriously, since we were one. Our parents lived right next door to each other, and still do. There was even a bridge connecting our decks for years! :) So Aaron has always been my best friend. Sleeping over at my house even when it was an all-girls party. Coming over and killing bugs that I found in my room when my parents weren't home. {True story.} We've always been best friends. So it's very cool for us to have this new, very adult-like relationship that we have now. Brian and Aaron became friends in high school which was always very cool for me. And now that Aaron moved back home, and brought Kathy with him, Kathy and I have become very close. It's a very cool dynamic for us now and I love it. :) I don't have any old pictures of us here, but I should find some so you can get a good chuckle out of it. He IS the reason that I grew up a tomboy.

Saturday morning I woke up early, picked up Hollie, and we headed to the farmer's market. We didn't get much because we were more looking forward to the thrift stores that weren't open yet. Hollie had SO MUCH LUCK and scored some excellent peices, I however wasn't quite as lucky. By the time we were done, Hollie had 6 shirts, two pairs of shoes, and a few miscellaneous items. I did get several books and a great vase- but had no luck with clothes. :( I guess that just means we will be going back!

So I dropped Hollie off and headed to my next stop on Saturday: Brianna's baby shower! It was sweet as can be, with pink everywhere {she is expecting a girl!} and cherry chip cake. She got some wonderful, and ADORABLE, gifts that I can't wait to see on the little babe! Then I headed to a local bridal shop to meet Kathy, her mom and Aaron's mom to try on bridesmaid dresses and to see Kathy try on her dress! First of all, Kathy's dress was absolutely stunning and she is going to be a GORGEGOUS bride!!! And we found some great options for the bridesmaid dresses and even some new color ideas!! So the trip was definitely a success!

I stopped home only for a second, and Brian, G and I headed out to the ILs house for the afternoon. We hung out and chit chatted and had a great time. Brian and I had planned a date night for Saturday night and a cornmaze was the first thing on our agenda! But we ended up staying so long at the ILs house that we didn't have enough time!! We were hungry enough, so we didn't care too much, and we headed to dinner. I forget sometimes how nice it is to just be alone with my husband. :) In fact, being along was so nice, that we decided to skip the movie theater too and headed home to cuddle and watch a movie in bed. It was a wonderful date night... we are going to have them more often.

G on the car ride:
Breeze blowing in his face, haha:

Sunday was football day, and a great football day it was! The Vikes won! The hubby was estatic. Especially since he had picked them for his King of the Hill fantasy league too! It is down to him and one other guy now and if he wins we get $120! Woot, woot!

After the Vikes game I headed to the spare room... I have been meaning to clean it and organize for weeks. I put OTH season 2 in the dvd player and went to it! Three hours later... it's all done. :) Including my shoe/bag closet!

Then it was dinner time and Desperate Housewives... the end to a great weekend.

I'm trucking along on my October to do list. Here is what I crossed off so far:

07. Go thrift store shopping. CHECK.
09. Hang new curtains in the living room. CHECK.
10. Host a candle party. CHECK.
11. And buy yummy, new fall scents. CHECK.
17. Go to the farmer’s market. CHECK.
23. Go on a date with my husband. CHECK.

Also, I think I want a haircut. Something shoulder length? I'm so sick of my long, boring hair! Or maybe I should dye it darker again? Hmmmm...

Thanks to CC, I am dying for these flats from the GAP?? They are to die for!

And, Jennifer has asked me to take their family photos once they get settled at home with Brody. {yay!} I'm very excited about this, but since I broke my old camera, I am on a mission for my next one. I have been longing for a Canon Rebel XTI...

Have I mentioned that I feel like crap today?? Definitely not feeling good. At all. Wanting my bed and my hot water bottle right about now. Oh and maybe some chicken soup. Perfect.
Looking forward, finally, to tonight's new One Tree Hill.
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leah @maritalbless said...

I hope you feel better soon!

What a weekend! How sweet on the field trip. Lol at having never watched the Girls Next Door. Doesn't Kendra just kill you, augh her laugh!

Yay for the farmers market and tackling your closet!