little things that make me happy today.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

01. the carmel macchiato that my co-worker brought me in this morning unexpectedly! YUM.
02. being so absolutely genuinely happy for another person.
03. still messing around with picnik. {see a few more here.}


04. trying to decide what to get brian for our first wedding anniversary that is in almost a month; it’s the “paper” anniversary. {I think I have a great idea though—thanks Kathy!!} but how crazy it that its actually been almost a year already!!


05. that Andrew & Jennifer’s little one might grace us with his/her presence today!! YAY.
06. e-mailing Kathy back & forth all day at work. =)
07. G not wanting to get out of bed this morning {and Brian literally had to pick him up and he still layed on the floor!- I felt exactly the same way.}


08. that it’s Thursday, which is almost Friday, which is almost the weekend.
09. chick flick/wine nights with my girls.


10. that my husband cleaned and organized the garage and basement yesterday! It looks amazing!!

And finally, Kathy made this one the other night:


Happy almost Friday!

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kari said...

Thanks for sharing that site, I LOVE IT!

abby said...

Oh my goodness I love Picnik, it's so fun! Thanks for sharing :)