just us {cont.}

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember a few weeks back when I told you about our wedding gift from my aunt & uncle?? A custom silhouette painting from Chicago Contemporary Art! This is their most popular piece that you might recognize. Anyway, we just got an e-mail from the artist last night and our piece is finally done! YAY! He sent us a photo so that we could approve before he ships it to us. Here it is:


We absolutely LOVE it!! It is very similar to the colors used in Just Us which is exactly what we wanted.. so we couldn't be happier. And it's funny, because really it just a silhouette- very hard to tell anything about the people. But when we look at it, we can tell it's us. Maybe it's just because we know that he modeled the piece after images of us or maybe he is just really good. Either way we are thrilled! I can't wait to hang it!! =) I will be sure to post pictures of the final product displaying proudly in our house.

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Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Beautiful! And that is so neat that it's you two!