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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think I might finally be back into the swing of things, as I've been keeping busy within my normal routine....

Last night was my first night in our "beer league" otherwise known as our sand volleyball league on Monday nights. We shied away from the beer last night because we didn't want to embarrass ourselves too bad on the first night. Next week though we have no excuses.

This morning I finally got my 401k all set up and in order. I know, I know-- silly me I should have had it set long ago, but I figure starting at 23 isn't too awfully bad.

It was much harder than I expected. I went into it thinking I would have to choose a percentage of my income to contribute and that would be it, but nooooooo-- they wanted me to pick out of about 100 different stocks, bonds and whatever else. Yikes. I called my aunt {who was an accounting major} got her two cents and am good to go. I will happy when I can up my contribution a bit because it isn't much right now, but I figure that's better than nothing when the company's matching, right??

I also finally stopped by the courthouse with my mom and got the title of my car changed into my name today. I'm driving a vehicle that my parents had given to me years ago, but we have just never got around to changing the title! Glad to have that taken care of too.

Wow, so many adult-like things that I had to take care of today.... really not my favorite thing in the world to do; but it feels good to check them off my list. Now what can I do tonight to feel very much less adult-like.... Suggestions?? :-P

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