Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I will start by telling you about my darling Caitlin. Caitlin and I have been friends since forever; since we were little tots having tea parties with our dolls. She is practically my sister and always will be; our families are basically intertwined. Her mother and my mother became friends in college... and so the story goes. She is by far one of my favorite people on the planet and we are always looking out for each other.

Here we are on my wedding day:


And here we are being the real "us":


Now that we are all grown up, our "tea parties" consist more of this:


Here we are getting crazy on the bus for my bachelorette party:


She even got me on stage that night:


Oh, how I love her. Anyway, long story short- she always tries her hardest to cheer me up when times are hard. With everything that's been going on in our family the past couple of weeks, I should have known she would have done something. At volleyball last night, she gave me this:


It's a photo in a frame of us tailgating last year in Iowa City, and she had it edited so that only we are in color, everything is black and white. And she wrote on it "bean & squirt" our nicknames since we were kids. What is even more appropriate, is that this picture was taken right after I dropped my purse IN the portapotty. Yes people, this is true. I had had a little too much to drink that night and in the purse went. {We now all wear our purses around our necks before entering the portapotty- learn from this ladies.} In the picture I am crying because I was so upset and mad at myself, and there is squirt trying to cheer me up, as usual. :) I hope everyone out there has friends like mine.

So now, the reason for my post-- how amazing is that picture that she edited?!?!?! I absolutely love it and it's sitting proudly on my desk. But we had to know where she did it at. The site is called picnik and it is completely amazing. I messed around with it for a bit this morning and there are so many options; it's my favorite new toy! I am already a Photoshop junkie. I love it. However, due to its great expense, I only have one version {an old one} on my computer at home-- therefore making it unaccessible quite often. This site has so many options that Photoshop has {not as manual as Photoshop} but still available choices! And it's super user-friendly. Check out this SOTC {straight out of the camera} shot of Kirby from the weekend here:


And here after I played with it a bit:


Ah-mazing! You can pretty much go as wild or subtle as you want. I'm in love... Be sure to check it out!

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kari said...

Such a great picture.

Kate said...

I LOVE picnik. It's so fun and a great time waster. I use it mostly on facebook so I can save my pictures to an album for all to enjoy.

What a great friend you have!

Joi said...

thanks for the link. i'll have to check it out!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I will check out this site later! Looks fun.

Sorry about your purse! I am going to take your advice and definitely put mine around my neck in the future. :)

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

That photo of the two of you is so perfect! I love the editing she did. And that porta potty story is HILARIOUS! OMG!